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Mount Kenya

Recommended Routes. Rock climbing peaks- Batian peak- 5199m and Nelion peak -5188m.Because of Mt. Kenya’s unique position on the equator,...

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Wildlife Safaris

Our wildlife and safari holidays take you up close and personal to the Africa’s most incredible animals. Wildlife experiences can...

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Alpine Holidays East Africa offers holidays with a difference. With so many destinations and activities on offer, we have packages to suit everyone from family groups to seasoned explorers. Whether you’re searching for trekking holidays, game viewing holidays, beach holidays or something more specific, take a look around our website and find out what Alpine Holidays can mean.

With over 10 years at the forefront of adventure travel, Alpine Holidays is one of the well-respected of adventure tour operator, with a bigger and more varied collection of pioneering holidays. By taking advantage of our expertise, you will make the most of your precious holiday time, whether you want to climb Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro or take it easy on one of our Game viewing safaris at Masai Mara and our white sandy beach in Kenyan coast. An office team of experienced travelers who know our holidays inside out, together with first-class local agents and skilled and knowledgeable leaders, combine to ensure that our trips run smoothly. Whilst being adventurous, we also recognize the need to be responsible, to protect the world’s wild places and to make a positive contribution in the areas we visit. Your safety is our highest priority and you can rest assured that Alpine Holidays has at its disposal the best available back-up and rescue facilities in each area we visit.

We offer our own versions of most of the Africa’s classic experiences, such as trekking to Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro tours. We have developed walking, trekking, and family holidays in East Africa countries. The exotic culture and amazing landscape of this welcoming East African country are a big hit with Alpine Holidays’ clients. Explorers at heart, we are continually on the look-out for the newest and best adventure travel experiences to add to our repertoire and to share with our clients. We’re always quick to recognize opportunities to develop new destinations in Africa at large. In one way or another, much of what you will find on our website can be categorized as mountain holidays, whether you’re interested in trekking in Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro or want to get to grips with a real climbing trip. Either way, we’re here to help.

All the information you should need is right here on our website, and our experts are able to give you even more advice and help you pick a holiday. You can also find out what level of experience we recommend you have on any of our trips – something that’s vitally important if you want to get the most out of an adventure travel holiday with us. With so many different types of adventure travel to offer, we believe we can provide a holiday to suit any taste. We have trips organized throughout the year, so that you can find anything you feel like trying, from a summer break to a winter escape. Each of our holidays also has a much more detailed ‘holiday dossier’ accompanying it that you can download from our website. When you think you’ve narrowed down your trip to a few choices, these can help you decide on which is right for you.